Why Dhi Loka?

Professional - Prompt - Productive

“Dhi Loka” brings vast experience spanning across various domains like logistics, trading, export, technology and research. We are holding a combined experience of 65 years and it positively reflects in our models. We are continuously evolving with the world to meet its passions. Dhi Loka believes there is always something to improve in the processes which ultimately improves quality of our products and services. We believe quality starts from people. It is reflected in the repeated orders from our customers and their happiness.

We are strategically positioned our operations near to sea and air transport hubs so that we can quickly deliver our products to customers maintaining its freshness. Our direct reach in South India and state of Maharashtra and Gujarat enable us to access wide range of products in the peninsula. Dhi Loka has established relationship with 50+ logistics partners and 3000+ farmers.

We are associated with modern production units across the states which guarantees quality production up to the mark. This enables us to ship our luscious and succulent produces from the nearest ports to the customer in a minimum time preserving its freshness.